When it comes to Instagram growth, it’s simply not as easy to get. Here a seven actionable tips you can use to boost your Instagram account.


1. Understand How The Instagram Algorithm Works

Focus on engagement

The algorithm gives posts more expure when:
· Users respond quickly to your post
· Your posts receive a lot of likes
· Your posts receive a lot of comments
· Your posts is getting shared via DM’s

What content performs best?

· Informational
· Controversial
· And viral content


2. Repost Viral Content

Rules for reposting:

· Always give credit by tagging the creator
· Post content related to your page
· Mix it up between photos, videos and albums
· Use the explore page to find viral content

This high-impact strategy is a must to increase growth.


3. Post During Peak Times

When are the best times to post?

· Monday: 8AM — 12PM EST
· Tuesday: 9AM — 1PM EST
· Wednesday: 9AM — 1PM EST
· Thursday: 9AM — 1PM EST
· Friday: 9AM — 1PM EST
· Saturday: 11AM — 3PM EST
· Sunday: 11AM — 3PM EST


4. Organize Your Stories Into Highlights

Whenever a potential follower lands on your profile, you have a short span of time to convince them to follow you. One way to this is by using the „HIGHLGHTS“ feature on your profile to organize your instagram stories in away that communicates what your account is about.

Pro tip: Alway feature your best content.


5. Take Advantage Of Instagram Tools And Apps

Great for: Photo Editing

2. Socialblade
Great for: Tracking growth & analytics

3. IGBlade
Great for: Tracking growth & analytics

4. Lightroom CC
Great for: Enhancing images

5. Instadown
Great for: Downloading instagram videos

6. Later
Great for: Scheduling instagram posts

7. Preview App
Great for: Designing your instagram feed


6. Use Relevant Hashtags To Get More Exposure

It’s important to use the right hashtags if you want to get noticed by the right crowd. Use broad and specific hashtags routinely.

Broad = Business

Specific = Digital Marketing

The research factor: Sproutsocial found in a study that posts with nine hashtags got hte highest engagement rates.


7. Always keep trying new strategies

Here some powerful strategies to incorporate:

  1. Post consistently (at least once day)
  2. Try videos, live videos and stories
  3. Study and use quality hashtags
  4. Share user-generated content
  5. Collaborate with others
  6. Post at your best times
  7. Use your analytics
  8. Engage with your fans
  9. Host contests
  10. Cross post (Share for Share)



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